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Puberphonia is the persistence of adolescent voice even after puberty without any definite organic cause.  This condition is uncommon in females because laryngeal growth spurt occurs commonly only in males.


In infants, the laryngotracheal complex lies at a higher level then it gradually descends as we age.  During puberty, especially in males this descent is rapid, causing the larynx to become larger and unstable. Since the brain is still wired to use the higher pitch at this point , the adolescent boy may continue to use a high pitched voice or  may break into higher and lower pitches spontaneously.

Factors which may contribute to mutational falsetto are:

1.      Emotional stress

2.      Delayed development of secondary sexual character

3.      Psychogenic

4.      Hero worship of older boy or sibling

5.      Excessive maternal protection

6.      Non fusion of thyroid lamina

People who have puberphonia speak in a double voice, both in high pitch and low pitch. Though therapy is still the first line treatment of choice for puberphonia, other possible solutions are Larynx manipulation and Surgery.



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